Monday, October 30, 2006

Rosu Katsu Set

Location: Engineering Faculty Canteen
Stall: Japanese Food (the only Jap stall there)
Item: Rosu Katsu Set (If i remembered correctly)
Price: $3.90 with soup and rice
Stars: 3.4/5

You get quite an amount of food with that price. The chicken is crispy, the rice is steaming hot (not cold like the ones at the Science Fac Canteen), the soup is hot too. The chicken seems to be doused with sour plum sauce (I can't figure out what the sauce it, it tastes kinda of sour and sweet). Regretably not enough of it though. But overall good food for its price.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Fish Soup

Location: Frontier
Stall: Healthy Choice (Yong tau foo stall)
Item: Fish Soup
Price: $2 + $0.30 for rice
Stars: 3/5

This very healthy dish was an excellent buy. Although some might consider the soup bland, if you are sick of oily food or food with thick gravy, this clear fish soup will be a welcome change.

The fish is quite fresh and sweet, though a bit small in terms of serving size. Give it a try!

They have a bee hoon version too!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Ipoh Hor Fun

Location: Yusoh Ishak Hall Canteen
Stall: Noodles
Item: Ipoh Hor Fun
Price: <$2
Stars: 3/5

Short one: This delicious Ipoh hor fun comes with lots of ingredients as you can see in the picture above. Quite tasty! The gravy is just right: not too sticky and not too watery. The taste is also not overwhelming. Worth a try, though I'm not too sure if Ipoh hor fun should really taste like this.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nasi Briyani

Location: Frontier
Stall: Muslim Food
Item: Beef Briyani
Price: $2
Stars: 2/5

At $2, it seems too good to pass up. But as you can see, the portions served are very little. There is enough beef for $2, but the rice served is a pathetic amount.

The beef was quite tasty, though, and did not have too much fat.

However, perhaps due to lessons which required much brain power, THREE HOURS later, I could still feel that the nasi briyani was not digested properly yet.

Eat at your own risk! The Engineering canteen has a stall that serves much better nasi briyani.

Fong Seng Nasi Lemak

Location: Near NUS
Stall: Fong Seng
Item: Nasi Lemak
Price: varies
Stars: 2.5/5

Just passes.

Food is cooked in large (and I mean large - I saw two trays of eggs) batches, resulting in them being barely warm when served.

Egg is overcooked, unlike most nasi lemak stalls, where the egg yolk would flow.

Rice is not very fragrant, nor is it even warm. However, the rice had the right texture, not too sticky.

Despite all the posters advertising that it had been featured on so-and-so newspaper and TV shows, this is overrated.

Maodee said that the food will probably be better if we went earlier, when the food was more freshly cooked. I'll let him comment furthur.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Munchy Monkey

Location: NUS Yusof Ishak House
Theme: Italian

More photos for you to enjoy!

Italian Chocolate

Chocolate Brownie

Onion Rings

Chicken Pasta Thingie

Al Fungi

Yong Tau Foo Curry

Location: Frontier
Stall: Healthy Choice(Yong tau foo stall)
Item: Yong Yau Foo Curry
Price: *
Stars: 3

Just a short one: Here we have the excellent curry yong tau foo from the science canteen. Good choice and a large variety of ingredients to choose from. However, I felt that one of the sotong balls was slightly sour.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Location: Frontier
Stall: Healthy Choice(Yong tau foo stall)
Item: Laksa
Price: $1.80, $2
Stars: 2.5

How much fault can you find in a bowl of laksa? Plenty, as a matter of fact. This is indeed laksa mai hum. In fact, I don't think you can even find hum if you want.

This is the work of a yong tau foo stall to put together thick bee hoon, bean sprouts, tau pok, fish cake, and curry together, and label it laksa.

The curry is typical yong tau foo curry. Not too spicy, it actually tastes quite good, not too oily and there isn't too much coconut.

This item could've gotten at least 3 stars if advertised as curry noodles, as it really tastes pretty good for curry noodles.

As laksa, it fails miserably.

Ban Mian

Location: Frontier
Stall: Chinese Noodles
Item: Ban Mian
Price: $2
Stars: 4/5

Very nearly the best machine made ban mian (handmade noodles) I've ever eaten.

I doubt the noodles actually touched any human's hands until the stall aunty took it out of the packet. Although lacking the authentic human touch, the ban mian is pretty good, not too hard, pretty springy, but with an artificial uniformity that could only have come from a machine.

It also comes with fried ikan bilis, xiang gu (mushrooms), vegetables, and an egg. Option of prawn or a piece of meat dumpling (shui jiao). I recommend the shui jiao, as eating the prawn gets messy.

Soup is delicious and makes you want to finish every last drop. This is an excellent, economical, and healthy choice, especially on cold or rainy days.

Cooked and presented to you as you watch. Usually very short queues as the aunty cooks very quickly, I always go for it during peak lunch hours.

I'd certainly recommend this to you; I have it at least once or twice a week.

Japanese Curry Chicken Thingie

Location: Frontier
Stall: Japanese
Item: Japanese Curry Chicken Thingie
Price: 3.50
Stars: 3/5

This entry on this delicious Japanese thingie is awaiting an edit and review by Maodee.
I have to lower the stars for this as it is not really value for money. A few pieces of fry chicken, potato, some vege and a bowl of soup should not really cost so much. If its say 2.50 i will give it higher stars. Costly food usually will raise my expectations.
Ok, let me get started, well the chicken is typically fried, so you can find much fault with it, quite cripsy, the rice is ok, not v warm, the curry taste just like any normal curry but again just not warm enough to give you a good feel. Miso soup, seems to have much msg, you probably will need to visit the drinks stall.
Overall i say, if you want to eat this, probably when you are rushing for time and there is no queue and some extra cash to spare (that's what happen to me) .

Cutlet 加饭加蛋

Location: Frontier
Stall: Western (near drinks stall)
Item: Cutlet 加饭加蛋
Price: $2.xx
Stars: 4/5

This is actually quite good, if a bit oily. The cutlet was well fried with bread crumbs and very crispy! Recommend this for anyone who's feeling hungry and feel like having western. However, if you're looking for something juicy, the chicken chop will be more suitable for you.

Lor Mee

Location: Frontier
Stall: Chinese Noodles
Item: Lor Mee
Price: $1.50, $1.80, $2
Stars: 3.5/5

This lor mee comes with the usual noodles, meat, fish cake, etc. Of course, the sauce is what makes lor mee, just like how clothes make a man. The lor mee sauce was excellent, not too sticky and not too watery. With a dash of vinegar, this is certainly ok - not special, but above average. Worth a try!

Wan Ton Mee / Dumpling Noodle

Location: Frontier (NUS Science Fac Canteen)
Stall: Noodles (With Ban Mian a.k.a hand made noodles)
Item: Wan Ton Mee with Chili
Price: $1.80
Stars: 3.7/5
Noodles were springy, wan tons were plentiful (5 for a $1.80) quite value for money, the chili was not spicy but special, wan tons ingredients were rather fresh but abit cold (i saw alot on those metal trays waiting to be sold), overall i find this dish quite good for a light morning breakfast.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Munchy Monkey

Location: NUS Yusof Ishak House
Theme: Italian

Maodee and I went to Munchy Monkey recently at YIH to celebrate a friend's birthday. They serve a variety of sandwiches, pastas, cakes, beverages and more, at pretty cheap prices. Here are some photos for you to enjoy!

Chicken Primera was well flavoured, with vegetables, delicious grilled chicken, olive oil, and a light touch of salt.